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We guide you through the intricacies of invoice factoring and help you choose the best partner with our trusted reviews and ratings of freight factoring companies.

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Freight Factoring Explained

Freight factoring doesn’t have to be complicated. In our Ultimate Guide To Trucking Factoring, we break down the essentials, making it easy for you to grasp how freight factoring can benefit your business.

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With more than a decade of experience in the freight factoring industry, we independently review each factoring company and conduct surveys with trucking businesses to identify the optimal factoring solutions for you.


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Cash Flow For Trucking Companies

We Advance More Cash For Freight Companies

We leverage our extensive network and industry expertise to connect you with freight factoring companies that stand out for their quick payments, low fees, and exceptionally low invoice cancellation rates. By prioritizing these key factors, we ensure your freight company enjoys enhanced cash flow with the utmost efficiency and reliability.

As a small trucking company, we relied on slow-paying brokers that strained our cash flow. Nerd Factoring helped us find working capital we desperately needed through freight factoring. I recommend Nerd Factoring to any trucking company looking to expand their business.

Jamie S - JKS Trucking

As an owner-operator, I was in a real bind when two of my biggest shippers started paying invoices 60 days out. Nerd Factoring signed me up the next day and started funding my loads immediately, saving my business. Their customer service goes above and beyond. I now take on more loads knowing I’ll get quick payments.

Rick J - Deliver Logistics

After getting treated poorly by a factoring company with ridiculous fees, we turned to Nerd Factoring. They helped us find new rates and have saved us thousands in just a few months. The quick funding helps us meet payroll and grow our fleet. I highly recommend Nerd Factoring

Frank T - All Points Trucking

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